Takers (테이커스)

Takers was last week’s Kpop Rising guest in the Super Kpop studio with DJ Sam Carter. Takers (테이커스) is a male ballad duo that debuted in 2013 under Blue Bridge Entertainment.

The members::
Pink (핑크/양경석) – Vocal, visual
CoE (코에/박상욱) – Vocal

About the music::
They recently released single, 곹칫덩어리 (Trouble makers). This song has a hiphop disco sound. The song is saying something similar to “learned to kiss from a book.” The members are blood type A and the girl they are talking about in the song is AB type.

– Pink loves cooking pasta and steak
– Pink plays a little bit of piano
– However much alcohol Pink drinks he never gets drunk
– Pink is on a diet
– CoE falls asleep when he drinks
– They make their own videos for fun, MVs, and remixes

Q & A::
Q: Why did you choose the name Takers?
A: They watched the movie Takers and thought of using that name to mean they are taking the hearts & minds of people through music.

Q: Why the stage names?
A: He likes girls, has tattoos, and can be scary looking at first, but he’s a nice guy. He want to show his personality with this name. CoE just thought the name had a synergistic connection with Pink’s name. It also means voice in Japanese.

Q: What are your future plans?
A: They are working really hard on their next project

Q: How did you first meet?
A: They first meet while at the same gig. CoE, who was part of an acapella group at the time, was coming off stage, and Pink was about to go on stage.

Q: What made you decide to do to a arranged version of Lee Hyori’s Remember me?
A: Their boss is the original writer of the song. Their boss suggested they do that song.

Live Performance::
너란 독
(Poison) & 골칫덩어리 (trouble maker)

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