Jomungeun Band (조문근밴드)

Jomungeun Band was last weeks Kpop Rising guest in the studio with DJ Sam Carter. Jomungeun Band (조문근밴드) debuted in 2013 under Jungle Entertainment.

The members::
Jomungeun (조문근) – Leader, vocal
Sulgi (술기) – Maknae, keyboard
Lee Jaeha (이재하) – Bass
Lee Shiyoung (이시영) – Drum
Lee Honghyu (이홍휴) – Guitar

– Jaeha, Honghyu, & Shiyoung were not at the interview because they are still in school studying. These 3 members have female names but are actually males.
– Jomungeun likes to go camping
– Jomungeun was on Super Star K 1 as a solo artist
– Jomungeun likes performing on the street (busking)
– Sulgi can play the Melodica
– Since Sulgi is the youngest the other members tease her a lot, but are also protective of her.

Q & A::
Q: What does busking mean to Jomungeun band?
A: It’s Meeting. He met his band members while busking. He met his dreams while busking.

Q: Jomungeun why did you go from being a solo artist to being in a group?
A: When in a group you can do any genre, where being a solo artist is kind of restricted.

Q: Do you perform differently in front of the camera than when off camera?
A: Jomungeun doesn’t change for the camera he just sings the way he sings. Filming for ‘길 (road)’ was the first time being on camera for the other members. Sulgi is the most uncomfortable with the camera.

Q: Future plans?
A: A new album to be released before the end of the year, and a concert Nov 22 in Seoul.

Live Performance::
(road) & Lonely (2ne1 rearranged)

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