Gray (그레이)

Gray was this weeks Hot New Face in the Kpoppin studio with DJ Isak. Gray (그레이) was originally part of Korea’s underground hiphop scene before asking his official debut in 2012 and is under Jay Park’s AOMG (art of moment).

About the music::
He has released several singles in the past, however, is his first mini album. The mini album purposely has only 4 tracks just to give listeners a taste of who he is as a musician. ‘Summer Night’ is about meeting a girl. His song ‘Dream chaser’ is about how happiness takes a backseat to what society wants, and how to get that happiness back again.

– His ideal type is a girl who works hard at doing her own thing and has a spark that he can feel
– He was uncomfortable working with the model for the Dangerous MV because her outfit was too revealing
– He has written his life’s story in his lyrics
– He met Jay Park for working purposes for the first time on immortal song
– He was in a crew with ZionT and Krush before he debuted
– He has no good luck charm
– He has never dated anyone older than him

Q & A::
Q: Why the name Gray?
A: They is a saying the life is not black or white but infinite shades of gray. He wants to represent all that life is between the black and white.

Q: Is there an artist you would love to work with?
A: Beyonce, Kim Johan, various hiphop moguls, and really anyone who he looks up to in the music world.

Q: Why decided to join Jay Park’s label?
A: Jay let him be free to do his own thing, and he liked that about the company.

Q: Can you explain the ratings incident with your song?
A: The original is very PG but the remix to the song is rated 19+. Because the remix was given a 19+ rating the original automatically was given the same rating.

Q: Do you have a wish for the future?
A: To do a countdown concert

Q: What would your dream concert be like?
A: A world tour where artist like Jay Z would share the stage with him

Q: What sparked your wish to do music?
A: When he was younger whenever he got some money he would go buy music tapes. As he got older he started writing song and singig a long with his music tapes. In high school he casually/naturally started collecting the resources need to make music.

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