Demion (데미온)

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Demion stopped by the SoundK studio for a Star Date with DJ SeeAn. Demion (데미온) debuted in 2013 under Lion’s Bridge.

The members::
Nakhun (낙훈) – Rap, vocal
Sangbum (상범) – Vocal
Yoon () – Leader, vocal
Ssun () – Vocal
Haegeun (해근) – Maknae, vocal

About the music::
Their debut single 고백해 (ask her out) is coaching a guy on how to confess to the girl he likes.

– 2 members are fluent in English: Nakhun and Sangbum
– Nakhun lived in Sydney Australia for 10 years
– Sangbum lived in Philippines for 4 years
– Ssun likes animation, action, and some lovey dovey movies
– Sangbum gives himself a new nickname every week on Kpoppin
– Yoon writes lots of lovey song ballads
– Nakhun has written a song for, SOS, an Indonesian group called Independent Girl
– Their was a fire in their dorm building before debut
– Yoon was injured while filming the MV for their debut, and was in the hospital for 3 months
– Haegeun cried after their first debut stage
– Nakhun is the most romantic in the group
– Sangbum can sing in Tagalog but only knows a few words
– They used to post videos of themselves doing dance covers

Q & A::
Q: What is your secret to gaining popularity in the kpop world?
A: Their strong point is being on Arirang Radio frequently.

Q: How do you confess to a girl?
A: Ssun approaches a girl slowly, and get to know her. After he feels that she is the one he serenades her. Nakhun likes to casually confess, where they casually start going out together and naturally become a couple.

Q: What do you miss the most before debut compared to now?
A: Mom’s cooking and just spending time with friends.

Q: What is each members in charge of in the group?
A: Nakhun – the mom of the group
Yoon – visual
Sangbum – talking and DJ-ing
Haegeun – having beautiful eyes and eye lashes
Ssun – main vocal

Q: If you had the time what country would you want to travel to?
A: Ssun would like to go home he doesn’t get to go often because it takes 5-6 hours to get there. Haegeun would like to go to Australia because his aunt lives there.

Live Performance::
(Ask her out)

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