AlphaBAT (알파벳)

AlphaBAT was in the Kpoppin studio for Hot New Face with DJ Isak. AlphaBAT (알파벳) a 9 member group the debuted late 2013 under Simtong Entertainment.

The members::

Real name Stage name Position
Hayong (하용) Beta Rapper, vocal
Sanghun (상훈) Code Vocal
Yeonsu (연수) Delta Vocal
Yeongjin (영진) Epsilon Vocal
Sanha (산하) Fie Rapper
Junsu (준수) Gamma/td>

Seoljun (설준) Heta Vocal
Serin (세린) Iota Rapper
Suyeob (수엽) Jeta Maknae, vocal

– According to the member Beta & Iota are the funniest members, and Fie is the least funny
– One of the first song they started practicing as a group was DBSK ‘Love on the ice’
– Teen Top’s Ricky is Epsilon’s little brother
– AlphaBAT was originally just a duo with Kyumin & Serin
– If they were not idols they say they old most likely be at home doing nothing or be in the Army.

Q & A::
Q: Where does the name AlphaBAT come from?
A: Alpha is stands for the alphabet from A-Z, and Bat is from batman. They want to be heroes for their fans, and heal listeners with their music. They member stages are from the Greek alphabet.

Q: What country would you like to visit?
A: They’ve never travelled overseas, so they would like to go anywhere.

Q: What’s it like living together?
A: They are in a 2 bedroom dorm like setting. 5in the bigger room, and 4 in the smaller room. The small room is always really cold like winter, and the bigger room is like summer.

Q: What are your ideal types?
A: Heta & Gamma – Suzy
Jeta – Jeta
Fie – Chae Kanghee
Iota – Kim Yerim
Epsilon – Seo Youngjae
Beta – everyone / Iota
Code – Lee Da In

Quality Vote
Older 6
Younger 4
Cute 6
Sexy 4
Short hair 2
Long hair 7
Personality 6
Looks 3

Q: Goal for the year?
A: To perform at the end of year stage at City Hall

Interview Footage::

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