J-Jun (제이준)

J-Jun stopped by the SoundK studio for a Star Date with DJ SeeAn. J-Jun (제이준) debuted in 2012 under CJ E&M Music.

– When he doesn’t have schedule activities he practices a lot
– Jun is a perfectionist especially with his music
– He doesn’t like exercising or playing sports
– He exercises becauses it’s a responsibility to maintain his body since he is part of the music industry
– Jun was a trainee for 11 years
– He would like to do a collaboration with 엄정화
– His dad was not happy he wanted to be a musician, but before his father passed away he made him a promise that he would make his debut.

Q & A::
Q: What does the ‘J’ in J-Jun stand for?
The ‘J’ stands or Jubilate, the name of his album. J-Jun = Jubilate Jun = Cheer for Jun.

Q: Do you like cute or sexy girls?
A: He like girls with their own mix-match unique combation of cute and sexy.

Q: Who is your favorite singer?
A: He has no favorite. He respects all musicians because he knows the patience, perseverence, & dedication needed to be in this industry.

Live Performance::

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