M.I.K was a special guest in the Kpoppin studio with DJ Isak. M.I.K (Move in Key) is a hiphop group that debuted in late 2013 under Global Artist Entertainment (G.A. Ent).

The members::
U.shin (유신) – Leader, charisma
Jay (제이) – Vocal
Czero (세로) – Vocal
Sakoo (사쿠) – Maknae, rapper

About the music::
Their debut single ‘떠나버려 (get away)’ is about people who want a proper relationship. However, it is impossible to have a proper relationship with the person they’re with so they just walk away. ‘우리는‘ is about how people feel when they don’t know why they’re living, and are looking for answers to that question.

– Sakoo is from Australia
– U.shin and DJ Isak have known each other for 13 years
– Sakoo’s real name is Isak. sakoo is Japanese for Isak.
– Czero likes to drink the Zero beverage, and named himself after it
– According to the members Jay is the idol of the group
– Jay used to be the member who nagged the most, but now U.shin nags the most
– Jay & U.shin have already done their military time
– Sakoo was a tennis player but quit because he is vertically challenged
– In their free time they mostly just sleep, because it’s getting colder

Q & A::
Q: How did the name M.I.K come to be?
A: They came up with the M.I.K first then had to find something for it to stand for. They eventually settled on Move in Key, where the keys are musically keys. They want to move into people hearts with their music.

Q: Is there a commercial (CF) you want to do in the future?
A: Czero – soda CF
U.shin – car CF
Sakoo – Arirang CF
Jay – Cosmetics CF

Q: Now that you’ve debuted is there a celebrity you really want to meet?
A: Czero – taeyang
Sakoo – DJ Isak
U.shin – Apink’s
Jay – Wonder Girls

Q: There is a country I would really like to go visit?
A: Sakoo – Australia, would like to go back home and visit
Czero & U.shin – Malaysia
Jay – Boraguae

Q: What were you first impressions of each other?
A: Sakoo thought Czero was kind of scary, & he was disappointed that Jay didn’t look like his picture. He also thought U.shin looked really handsome in a leather jacket.

Q: How was your debut stage? How did you feel being able to debut?
A: Jay thought he would be nervous but he really wasn’t. U.shin was excited, nervous, and had lots of fun on stage. Sakoo had mixed feelings about finally debuting. Czero was disappointed he was not able to show 100% of what he practiced.

Q: What is your ideal type?
A: U.sihin – killer legs and long hair (성유리)
Jay – around nice girl
Sakoo – cute and speaks English
Czero – sexy and tall

Q: What artist do you consider to be you mentor/ someone you look up to?
A: U.shin – Will Smith because he is a great actor, performer, and father
Sakoo – Will.i.am because he does so much work for bettering the world, and he is good on stage

Q: When did you first feel like your members were really family?
A: U.shin thought they were really like a family when people would talk about the members with out knowing what they were talking about, and he would defend his members. Jay thought they were family when members got sick and they would take each other to the doctor, and get each other medicines.

Live Performance::
(Get away) & Isn’t she lovely

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