EXCITE (익사이트)

Excite had a Star Date with DJ SeeAn in the SoundK studio this week. Excite (익사이트) debuted in 2012 under Penta Entertainment.

The members::
Tae G (태구) – Leader, vocal
Sihyuk (시혁) – Vocal
Beat (비트) – Rapper
Minhoo (민후) – Vocal
Seungwook (승욱) – Rapper, vocal

About the music::
With ‘Come back to me’ they wanted to show a different side of themselves. Something outside of the powerful dance songs they are known for. This song is a warm song telling their lovers to come back, and stay with them. Some of the production cost for their 2013 comeback was covered by social funding (donations from fans).

– On the day of the SoundK interview everyone was sick, and one member came to the studio straight from the hospital
– In their free time Taegu likes to listen to Ballads and Beat likes gangsta rap.
– In China Minhoo has the most fans and is known as the China Prince
– The Excite members are known as the Model Idols
– 183.5 cm is the groups average height

Q & A::
Q: Is there a fan who is very memorable to you?
A: When they had a free hug event in Korea some fans came all the way from Japan. Even though they didn’t know Korean they tried to speak Korean with them. Minhoo was very touched by this. Minhoo also had a fan girl who came to their performance in China and she cried the whole time. He could concentrate on his performance because he was worried about her.

Q: What is your favorite girl? Or girl group member?
A: Taegu’s changes a lot but is currently Miss A
Beat – 2NE1
Sihyuk – SNSD’s Taeyeon

4 responses

  1. Tae.G is still with EXCITE right? but in the newest photo there is no Tae.G in there

    1. As listed in the members section he is still part of the group. Tae.G was also at the interview. He is in one of the photos, although I’m not sure which as three people in the group look the same to me.

      1. oh, ok, thank you very much 😀

      2. yap, i just want to give an information. leader Tagu has decide to quit from excite

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