Hee Young (희영)


Hee Young was this weeks Kpop Rising guest in the SuperKpop studio with DJ Sam Carter. Hee Young (희영) is a Korean American female solo artist. Her American debut was in 2009 , and her Korean debut was in 2011 under Pastel Music.

About the music::
All of Hee Young’s songs so far are all in English.

– She moved to American when she was 16 as an exchange student
– She was forced to learned English while living in Tipton Georgia; where she found no other Koreans
– Hee Young upon first meeting DJ Sam thinks he is a gentlemen
– If she could be invisible she would go to her favorite artist house, and just watch how he lives his life at home
– Her childhood dream was to become a poet
– She would like to collaborate with Neil Young and Sheryl Crow
– Her mom’s brithday is on Christmas (12/25)
– If she had a special power she would like to fly, so she can go back and forth for America to Korea without experiencing airport/airplane stress
– She is blood type O+
– Her friends call her Hee
– Jeff Bukley and Ryan Gosling her her Ideal types
– Hee Young’s hobbies are sleeping and reading
– Some of her favcorite artist are Johnny Mitchell, Sheryl Crow, and Elliot Smith,
– If she had a time machine she would go to the 60s and 70s (the time of free love)
– She would like to try making Punk and Electronic music


Q & A::
Q: What inspired you to do music?
A: Her love of music inspired her to want to go into music. She didn’t know what she could do until she started writing songs.

Q: What movies do you like to watch?
A: Edward Scissorhands. She cries while watching this because she feels so sad for Edward.

Q: What is the difference between working in Korea and New York?
A: In New York she has to get to various appoints and shows on her own, along with bringing whatever equipment she needs with her. She pretty much does everything herself when New York. In Korea she has a company to do everything for her, and give her rides to her activities.

Q: What is your 2014 resolution?
A: She would like to play in different cities around the world (to become international on a bigger scale).

Q: Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
A: She sees herself in Nashville, Tennessee with her own little farm. She also sees herself still making music and writing songs.

Q: If you didn’t become a singer what woudl you most likely be doing?
A: Recently she has found the idea of being a therapist interesting. She would like to listen to people and give advice.

Live Performance::
Whiskey to Tea & Sleepless Night

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