Freestyle (프리스타일)

Freestyle went on a Star Date with DJ SeeAn in the SoundK studio. Freestyle (프리스타일) rap ballad duo that debuted in 1999 and are currently under Quan Entertainment.

The members::
Mino (미노) – Vocal, producer
DJ Zio (디제이 지오) – Vocal, songwriter
Han Giran (한기란) – Female voice for their live performances

– They are brothers with 4-6 years between them
– They say their secret to staying in the industry for 15+ years is that they have set boundaries they try not to cross
– They joined the same label as Haha to sealed the deal on a promise they made 10 years ago
– They had a long hiatus and hope to fly high with this new album
– When first debuted want to make it an issue that they are brothers and get people to talk about it but that didn’t happen
– They like to be described as to first ones to start doing rap ballads
– Mino is part of Camp Tribe Crew
– Because their songs are rap melodies they choose to feature female voices because they can touch the heart just a bit more than male voices

Q & A::
Q: How does it feel getting back on stage after so long?
A: The stage feels the same no matter how much time passes. They still get nervous. Zio says now that he is older he has trouble memorizing things.

Q: Giran how did you come to start working with Freestyle?
A: They met through a 3rd party. Freestyle asked someone to find them someone who could do their live performances with them. That person introduced them to her. They choose her based on 50% vocals, 30% visual, and 20% everything else.

Q: Is your age threatening you career?
A: There is a saying in Korean that life start at age 60. They say not to worry they have 20+ years until then. Although Mino does have joint issues, and cannot jump around on stages like he used to, and so he prefers to sit while on stage.

Q: Are there any variety shows you would like to do?
A: They would like to go on variety shows so that they are not forgotten. Mino wants to be on a reality show that travels. Something like a fishing show where they travel to different places.

Q: Now that 2014 is just a couple days away are there any plans or hopes for the year to come?
A: They will possible have a concert and new album coming out. They hope that in this upcoming year they can write more songs about love instead of break-ups. They also want to show mor elf themselves to their fans.

Live Performance::
Winder Song (feat. Navi) Navi’s part sung by Han Giran

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