Peach Girl (피치걸)

Peach Girl stopped by the SuperKpop studio for a special New Years Interview. Peach Girl (피치걸) is a 5 member girl group that debuted in 2013 under JM Star Entertainment.

The members::
Mimi (미미) – Leader
Yuka (유카) – Vocal
Somang (소망) – Vocal
Bokyung (보경) – Rapper
Hyunji (현지) – Maknae, dancer, voice

About the members::
Their debut song 여우목도리 (fox-fur muffler) is a sweet and bubbly song with cute costumes & choreography. The song is about a girl confessing her feeling to a guy. They say their music style is “carol dance.”

– Yuka is Japanese Korean, her dad is 2nd generation – – Japanese Korean and her mom is full Japanese
– Somang majored in classical vocals
– If Yuka had a week vacation he would like to go back to Japan
– They would like to go to the Philippines
– They would like to have Peach Girl Jrs
– Yuka was the last member to join Peach Girl
– Mimi was a trainee for 7 years


Q & A::
Q: How did get the name Peach Girl?
A: Peaches are round and sweet. Thinking of that they said their personalities were sweet and bubbly like peaches. Therefore Peach Girl became their name.

Q: If you were a kpop idol what would you be?
A: Yuka – Boxing
Bokyung – Jazz Piano
Somang – always wanted to be a singer
Mimi – Ballet
Hyunji – Acting

Q: Are there any concepts you old like to try in the future?
A: They would like to lots of concepts that show off the diversity of their many sides.

Q: What is your wish for 2014?
A: That this time next year they will receive the Rookie of the Year Award.

Q: How did it feel going onto your debut stage?
A: They were teary eyed to finally make it to the debut stage after 5+ years as trainees.

Live Performance::
Just a feeling (S.E.S remix) & 똑똑똑 (Knock knock knock – 4men)

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