Tasty (테이스티)

Tasty stopped by the SuperKpop studio as a special Christmas Week guest with DJ Punita. Tasty (테이스티) is a Korean male duo that debuted in 2012 under Woollim Entertainment.

The members::
Daeryong (대룡) – Vocal, dance
Soryong (소룡) – Vocal, dance, maknae

– The members of Tasty are twins
– Daeryong & Soryong are 5 minutes apart
– They were trainees at JYP for 5 years, and decided to leave due to watching people who passed auditions after them debut quickly
– They don’t like waiting in line unless they are sitting while waiting
– Daeryong thinks he is better than Soryong
– They fight a lot
– They can speak English, Japanese, Chinese, and Korean
– While they were JYP trainee they lived in the USA for 3 years
– They have listened to kpop since age 7
– They are good friends with Infinite’s Hoya
– Daeryong’s listening to Chris brown & Raheem lately
– Soryong’s listening to Drake & Ace of Rocky lately
– Their favorite artist of all time is Rain ()
– They have a Chinese club made of fellow idols; teo (exo), lim (wg), hyorin (sistar), zhoumi (suju), jia (miss a)
– Soryong & Daeryong don’t give advice to other idols, because they have to focus on bettering their own music

Q & A::
Q: What area your wishes for 2014?
A: They want to release at least 4 albums, and take over 2014.

Q: The best thing about being in a group together?
A: The money is split cleanly 50/50. They have each others back whenever they are needed, and It doesn’t take very long to get ready for the stage.

Q: Your ideal type of girl?
A: Soryong – tall and pretty face
Daeryong – pretty face, nice style

Q: What Do you think is each others charm?
A: Soryong thinks Daeryong’s charm is that he is very passionate about lots of things.
Daeryong thinks Soryong’s charm is that he is calm and can curb his impulsiveness.

Interview Footage::

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