Heyne (혜이니)

Heyne was the first Hot New Face of 2014 in the Kpoppin studio with DJ Isak. Heyne (혜이니) is a solo female artist that debuted in 2013.

About the music::
Her recent single release, Love007, is about a girl who wants to steal her crushes heart like a secret agent.

– Her English name is Hannah
– She would like to be on an outdoor or farming variety show
– She wants to go to Italy for the amazing shopping
– Her favorite color is blue, and she likes cute & pretty things
– If she had a radio show it would be called Dangerous or Living on the Edge
– The one movie she can’t live without is Black Swan
– In elementary school she was a short track skater
– Went to Canada by herself when she was 12 and lived there for 10 months while learning English.
– She is very short and has a high pitched voice
– She discovered in junior high that her voice was not going to change and become more mature sounding
– Heyne knows English, Korean, and knows level 8 Chinese
– She loves the thrill of doing dangerous things
– Her favorite Disney princess is Ariel from the little mermaid
– She would like to do a collaboration with anyone in hiphop
– She is a BTS fan, & Sistar’s Hyorin taught her some aegyo
– When performing aegyo comes naturally to her, but she doesn’t think she has any aegyo

Q & A::
Q: Are there any concepts you would like to try in the future?
A: She wants to do something different, but something that would still fit her.

Q: Have you ever tried to change your voice?
A: In junior the boys were really mean to her, and so she did try to change her voice. She thought she sounded weird and decided to just go with nature.

Q: Would you like to become an actress?
A: If given the opportunity she would be willing to play a role similar to that of Sharpey Evans from High School Musical.

Q: What was your debut stage like?
A: She first debut stage was on Simply Kpop and the foreign audience didn’t know her, but they cheer really loud for her anyway. She really liked that about her debut stage.

Q: Do you have any bad habits?
A: When she is embarrassed she starts scratching herself. For some reason her random places on her body suddenly become itchy.

Q: What is your New Years resolution?
A: Most importantly to be healthy, and to do her best in everything.

Live Performance::
Love 007

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