The Nuts (더넛츠)

The Nuts had a Star Date with DJ SeeAn in the SoundK studio. The Nuts (더넛츠) is a four member band that debuted in 2001 and is currently under Paramount Music.

The members::
Lee Han (이한) – Vocal, guitar
Junha (준하) – Guitar, vocal
Seunghwan (승환) – Bass
Sangdon (상돈) – Drums

About the music::
The Nuts recently made a comeback with their # album ‘Return to love’. The title track 또르르 (rolling) is about a guy who is tearful and crying after being dumbed. The guy is longing for the girlfriend who left him, and wants to smell her scent again. The song was originally meant for the band ‘The Cross’, but due to a car accident (involving the leader singer) the song was given to The Nuts.

– The Nuts was originally a duo group but one member left and 3 more members were added to the group
– Sungkyul let the group to pursue acting
– Lee Han knows some English.
– Lee Han went to college in England, and was part of the hard rock band Snowglobe City
– Seunghwan has a group of his own (outside of The Nuts) that mainly does club performances
– The first Live performance of 또르르 on any broadcast program was in the SoundK studio
– Lee Han is considered the most romantic member of the group
– Infinite’s Woohyun is in a close hyung/dongsaeng relationship with Lee Han
– The group is no longer considered an idol group because Seunghwan is in his 30s.
– Lee Han is drinking buddies with Seo In Guk

Q & A::
Q: When I’d you decided you wanted to do music?
A: When Lee Han was in middle school he listened to a 서태지 (Seo Tae Ji) CD and was inspired. At the earliest opportunity he went to a department store and bought his first guitar. His passion for music grew from there,

Q: Why is the drummer not showing his face in the 또르르 music video?
A: The drummer in the video is actually the music director standing in for Sangdon. Sangdon was graduating from grad school and he just didn’t have enough time to be at the video shoot.

Q: What has been your most embarrassing moment?
A: Seunghwan – When he doesn’t know what o say during an interview.

Q: Future plans?
A: To go forward fighting, and to release a lot of music in 2014.

Live performance::
또르르 (rolling)

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