Nemesis (네미시스)

Nemesis was this week K-Star & Live guest in the SuperKpop studio with D Sephanie. Nemesis (네미시스) is a rock band that debuted in 2005 under Poem Entertainment.

The members::
Noh Seungho (로승호) – Maknae, vocal
Na Sebin (나세빈) – Guitar
Jeon Kwiseung (전귀승) – Guitar
Choi Sungwoo (최성우) – Bass
Jung Euyseok (정의석) – Drum

About he music::
They released their 3rd album, ‘Dream’, in March of 2013. The title track is also titled ‘Dream’. ‘애원 (Appeal)’ is a rock ballad song which they played live at the interview. They played the song ‘Quean’ live, but they gave the live version on acoustic sound. They released a new single titled ‘사랑은 없다 (go away)’. ‘사랑은 없다‘ has an electronic rock-n-roll sound. The song is literally saying there is no love so go way. The energy and emotions of the band are well presented in the MV.

– Everyone but the Seungho went to the same high school
– Euyseok played the Gahun drum during their live performance
– There is a possibility of a concert in Mexico, but no definite plans as of yet
– Kwiseung was the only member to recognize DJ Stephanie
– A friend told Seungho that the past ten years have had no effect on his looks
– Kwiseung’s love life effects his music a lot, when heis in love he writes happy songs, when not in love he just rocks
– Seungho has no girlfriend and when he gets really lonely he talks to his phone saying things like 사랑해 (I love you)

Q & A::
Q: How did you get the name nemesis?
A: The name was in an English dictionary. At the time it was popular for band to have names 4 syllables long. When one of the members saw the word nemesis it was like “BANG this is it.” They use the word Nemesis to mean no one can beat them.

Q: Where do you see yourself 10 years from now?
A: According to their manager will be producing rookies. They will all still be doing music because Rock will never die.

Q: Do you agree with the nickname visual band?
A: Seungho said that when they debuted they had the youthful & pretty skin and the nickname fit them better. Now that time has gone by they feel older and not so youthful.

Q: Future plans?
A: They have a solo concert in February and plan to do many more concerts this year.

Live Performance::
(Appeal) & Quean

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