Vanilla Acoustic (바닐라 어큐스틱)

Vanilla acoustic was this weeks Kpop Rising guest in the SuperKpop studio with DJ Stephanie. Vanilla Acoustic (바닐라 어큐스틱) is a co-ed trio of 2 females and 1 male that debuted in 2008. In 2012 they were signed to Shofar Music.

The members::
Vanilla Man (바닐라맨) – Leader, producer, vocal
Talin (타린) – Maknae, vocal, piano,guitar
Sungah (성아) – Vocal

– Vanilla Man started the group at a time when he was financially sad.
– Until 2012 they did their own promotions, production, traveling, and performing without a label
– Vanilla Man has no aegyo
– Talin is sensitive about when’s she is hungry. According to the other members he eat too much too often.
– They are to release an album in Japan at the end of February
– Talin consider trust to be the most important thing in a relationship
– Sungah has a husky soprano/alto voice
– Talin would like to do an acoustic remake of Girl’s Day’s ‘Something’
– Vanilla Man is a big fan of Girl’s Day
– Vanilla Man cried indie while performing ‘대화가 필요해‘ because the melody is so beautiful

Q & A::
Q: Why name the group Vanilla Acoustic? Why vanilla? Why acoustic?
A: Acoustic because they play acoustic guitars. Vanilla because vanilla has an image of being very soft and sweet. When they put the acoustic guitars and their vocals together it is a soft and sweet combination.

Q: Why is your name Vanilla Man?
A: His stage name is Vanilla Man because he is the only man in Vanilla Acoustic.

Q: What are your ideal types?
A: Vanilla Man – pretty girl with nice personality
Sungah – wide shoulder, kindness, good voice, good looking

Live Performance::
(Ash Flower) & 대화가 필요해 (Need to talk)

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