K-much (가물치)

The talented guys of K-much were the Hot New Faces in the Kpoppin studio with DJ Isak. K-much (가물치) is a male idol group that debuted in January 2014 under Chrome Entertainment.

The members::
Ato (아토) – Maknae, vocal, rap
BornUs (보너스) – Vocal
Kiu () – Leader, vocal
G.low (지로우) – Rap
Loki (로키) – Visual, dance, rap

About the music::
They released their debut mini album beyond the ocean. The features three songs; 뭣 모르고 (good to go), I’m sorry, & 너 어떡해. The title track 뭣 모르고 is the original rock version of CrayonPop’s 빠빠빠.

– They have made handmade potters and promoted themselves in front of various schools.
– BornUs has a pair of unlasses he wears to every audition he participates in.
– G.low shaved his head after joining K-much.
– The groups favorite foods include; Chinese food, pizza, sausage, & jelly.
– At their first stage BornUs got in trouble for saying hi to fans at the wrong time.
– According to Kiu the moms of the group are Ato & BornUs, and the children of the group are Loki & G.low.
– They have their iPads, phones, and clothes carriers with them almost at all times.
– Among the members BornUs’ voice changes the most around females. He goes from manly man to aegyo voices.
– Kiu is the thinker of the group.
– According to the members G.low is #1 when comes to looks.
– BornUs nags the most but since he does it so nicely they don’t even listen to him.

Q & A::
Q: Why the name 가물치?
A: 가물치 is a freshwater fish called the ‘snakehead’ which stands for longevity. They use it to mean that they can survive the kpop industry.

Q: What were your first impressions of each other?
A: Loki thought Ato was very cute and strong willed. Loki. Also thought G.low was cute and good at sexy dancing, and cold/standoffish.
Ato thought Loki was very good looking, but then when he talked his voice ruined the cool image.

Q: If you were not part of an idol group what would you be doing?
A: Loki – a professional fisher or athlete
Ato – since his mom is a hairstylist, possibly a hairstylist as well
BornUs – a kindergarten teacher

Q: Who has the weird sleeping habits?
A: Kiu – shouted “I’m Kiu” in his sleep before their debut
G.low & Ato – snore like they are dying
Ato – talks in his sleep

Q: Future plans?
A: They have a lot to look forward to. They will be having a hand shaking event with fans

Interview Footage::

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