Kim SoJung (김소정)

Kim Sojung had a Star Date in the SoundK studio with DJ SeeAn. Kim Sojung (김소정) is a solo female singer song writer that debuted in 2012 under S.mile Company.

About the music::
Her most recent comeback single 그대, 그때 그대 (you, then you) has two versions. Part 2 is the original version of the song the Sojung wrote her self. Part 1 features HoGong, and is a rearrangement of the original version. The song is based off of her personal experience.

– Sojung is considered to be a 엄친딸 (mom’s friend’s daughter). A girl in which parents compare their own children to.
– Her English is very good although she’s never been to an English speaking country
– She study Computer Science & Engineering (CSE) in college
– Sojung wanted to be a dance singer and ended up a ballad singer
– Her ideal type is Kim Woobin
– BoA is her musical role model
– Sojung has her own radio show everyday from 12am-2am (not on Arirang)
– She hobbies are swimming (8-9 years) and kickboxing (6 months)
– When she was on the survival audition show her parents didn’t know about it; until her cousin called her father and said he/she had seen her on TV.
– Her CEO is her biggest Ahjussi fan, he became a company representative because of her
– Sojung was on the audition show her senior year of college
– She debuted after graduating from college

Q & A::
Q: When did you start dreaming about being a musician?
A: She has dreamt of being in the music industry since before kindergarten. She did not pursue music until her senior year of college.

Q: What was your most memorable performance?
A: Debut stage, is the most memorable because she doesn’t remember a thing about it.

Q: What kind of image to you want to have?
A: She doesn’t want to be remembered as ‘that audition star girl’ or as ‘엄친딸 (mom’s friend’s daughter)’. She just wants to be known as Kim Sojung.

Q: Future plans?
A: Plans to release more music & hopes the music reminds you of her.

Live Performance::
그대, 그때 그대
(you, then you) Part 2

**same performance as the SoundK live**

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