Puer Kim (퓨어킴)

Puer Kim and DJ SeeAn had a Star Date in the SoundK studio. Puer Kim (퓨어킴) is a female solo vocalist that debuted in 2012. She released her debut English EP Mom&Sex in 2012. 2013 she signed to label Mystic89.

About the music::
Her 2014 comeback single 마녀 마쉬 (witch Maash) is about a girl named Maash who is very strong & confident in her skin. Her strength causes people to be scared of her, and hunt her down as if she were a witch. Maash is a girl who knows herself well and sometimes she can see the real truth of people around. That makes people feel threatened by her because they have things they want to hide. Together with her CEO she wrote Kim Yerim’s ‘The Detail’. She wrote the English for this song by herself.

– Puer met her CEO through SNS in 2011
– She comes from a very Christian based family, and her mom is a pastor.
– She no longer has an SNS account.
– She went to USA to study in high school, and major in music in college. Therefore she speaks English.
– Her family is very artistic (writing & art).
– Her musical influence is Britney Spears.
– Genuine and king guys are her style.
– Puer Kim thinks she is more popular with girls than with boys.
– All her past relationship Puer Kim has fallen in love at first connection.
– She claims she doesn’t know how to dance.
– Wants to do a collaboration with f(x)
– If she meets someone she’s interested in she confesses because she doesn’t want to have regrets (or live wondering what if).
– Puer knows how to make Kimchee because her does it professionally.

Q & A::
Q: How did you get the stage name Puer Kim?
A: She didn’t want a plain English name, and she didn’t want to be known as Star Kim. Since her real name is (star) a Japanese friend always pronounced it wrong as ‘pure’. She liked that and decided she would be known as Pure Kim. She spells it Puer Kim because when registering for Facebook the system wouldn’t let her use Pure.

Q: How does it feel going from indie to mainstream? What the difference between unsigned indie and being labeled?
A: Although her company plans her music. For now being mainstream makes sense to her. The difference is that the label does everything she used to have to do her self. Labels also do a lot of collaborating.

Q: Is there a future concept you would like to try?
A: A concept where she has two completely different images simultaneously. To give the image of someone beautiful and smart.

Q: What do you consider your best quality?
A: That she is naturally unique and different from others. Of course there are personality traits that she wants to develope. However, she doesn’t want to change anything about her personality. She likes who she is.

Q: Future plans?
A: There is a new album in the planning stage for spring and summer. She would maybe like to be on a variety show.

Live Performance::
마녀 마쉬
(witch Maash)

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