Jung Joon Il (정준일)

Jung Joon Il stopped by the SuperKpop studio for a chat with DJ Stephanie. Jung Joon Il (정준일) debuted in 2009 with the band Mate (메이트) as the vocalist & keyboardist under GemCultures.

About the music::
크리스마스메리, Merry (Christmas Merry, Merry) is a jazzy ballad Christmas song with a bit of sad emotion. In the song 고백 (Confession) he is talking to himself.

– Currently single, and sad
– Never been to a musical
– He like Harlem style rap & hiphop
– Recently completed military service
– Would like to collaborate with Lorde
– His music dream is to enjoy doing music but not to become greedy about the music

Q & A::
Q: What is your ideal type?
A: He doesn’t really have a type. I finds the person first then finds a reason to like them, or continue liking them.

Q: What inspires your lyric writing?
A: He writes lyrics as if he is talking. He writes about his feelings and experiences, because he lest want artificial lyrics.

Q: Do you have plans for 2014?
A: There will be a solo concert in June featuring an orchestra of about 30 musicians.

Live Performance::
, Merry (Christmas Merry, Merry) & 인사 (Hello)

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