GP Basic (지피 베이직)

GP Basic stopped by the SuperKpop studio for Kstar & Live with DJ Stephanie. GP Basic (지피 베이직) is a hiphop girl group that debuted in 2010 under Jacyhan Entertainment.

The members::
Zion (자이온) – Vocal
Janey (제이니) – Maknae, rapper
Mui (무이) – Dancer, rapper, vocal
Amet (아메트) – Vocal
Trinity (트리니티) – Rapper, vocal

About the music::
They recently their comeback single album which features two tracks: 삐까 뻔쩍 and 블랙 바운스 (black bounce). Both songs follow the current trap hiphop trend. Black Bounce is about female fashion & swag, and features lots of English lyrics. 삐까 뻔쩍 features gangsta style rapping. Happy song is a song for healing which tells you to play a song just for you, and let the music ease your mind. (A/N: the song feels like a hiphop ballad)

– GP Basic stands for Girl Power Basic
– Former leader Hannah was replaced by Mui as a member.
– Leah who took leadership after Hannah has reportedly left the group, but Jacyhan has not made an official statement.
– Janey was a guest member of d-unit for a collaboration project, because she fit with their album concept.
– When they first debuted their schedule was limited so they could focus on studying.
– They would like to follow in BigBang’s foot steps because they are so talented.
– They live in a dorm, and trinity is the cleanest, and Amet was voted the dirtiest.
– Amet has no aegyo in her body.
– Trinity was voted the cutest.
– When you think of hiphop they want you to think of them.

Q & A::
Q: What was it like learning from Kang Woori?
A: They call him ‘아빠 (dad)’ and had a good time learning choreography from him.

Q: What would you be doing if you were not an idol group?
A: They would most likely be seniors in high school studying for the Korean version of the American SATs. Zion would be doing Tae Kwon Do.

Q: What are your future plans?
A: From now on they will focus on 삐까 뻔쩍 promotions. They hope to participate in several variety shows.

Live Performance::
블랙 바운스
(black bounce) & Happy Song

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