Lip Service (립서비스)

Lip Service was in the SuperKpop studio for Kpop Rising with DJ Stephanie. Lip Service (립서비스) is a female hiphop duo that debuted in 2014 under Now Entertainment.

The members::
Bipa (비파) – Leader, rapper
Kora (코라) – Dancer, vocal

About the music::
Their debut single ‘냠냠냠 (yum yum yum)’ is a song about dieting. There was no food in the music video, and they say blame that on the director.

– Bipa is the Lip and Kora is the Service
– Bipa studied hotel management while living in Houston, Texas.
– If they could pick one person from the past or present to have a rap battle. With it would be 2NE1’s CL.
– Bipa likes to cook and experiment with creating food. Kora likes to eat
– Kora is very shy when not on stage
– Kora doesn’t want to get married ever
– Bipa’s favorite foods are spicy ire cakes and Thai food.
– They live separately with their families
– Bipa’s rap style is similar to Nikki Minaj
– Kora was born in 1990 and Bipa was born in 1988

Q & A::
Q: Why the names Bipa and Kora?
A: Kora comes from a nickname friends gave her. Part of Bipa’s name is 슬 the chinese character for this translate to an instrument called a Bipa.

Q: Why did you want to become singers?
A: Kora was very interested in dancing and becoming a singer just made sense. Bipa always wanted to be a singer when she was younger. As she got older in went from “want to” to “have to” become a singer.

Q: What is your dream as Lip Service?
A: Kora – to choreograph one of their songs
Bipa – write a song on her own and become a producer

Q: What song best represents you? Like your self declared anthem? Bipa? Kora?
A: Bipa – songs like the debut song

Q: Your ideal type?
A: Kora – there is no real English translation for the kind of guy she is looking for, but it is close to a family-oriented guy.
Bipa – smart, fast, good sense (눈치)

Live Performance::
On SuperKpop: 10 minutes (lee hyori) & A-Yo (지누션)

Live on Kpoppin-
냠냠냠 (Yum yum yum) & 10 minutes (lee hyori)

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