Yu Seung Woo (유승우)

Yu Seung Woo was is the Kpoppin studio with DJ Isak. Yu Seung Woo (유승우) is a make solo artist that debuted in 2013 under UKmuzik (UK뮤직). He is considered to be pop rock / punk rock ballad singer.

About the music::
He recently released his first EP 빠른 열아홉 (fast 19). Featuring the title track 입슬이 밉다 (Hesitating lips) which is a medium tempo pop ballad with sophisticated string arrangements, and luxurious melodies. It tells a story of a pretty crush from a male perspective.

– He would like to walk in the cherry blossoms with a lover, if he had a girlfriend.
– He plays the guitar
– Recently caught a cold and is still a bit sick
– He has several songs he has not finished past the first verse. He is embarrassed by this fact.
– Jason Mraz is his role model, and he loves how he is so free spirited.
– He lives in his own home, but lately it feels like a hotel because he only goes there to sleep.
– Seungwoo would like to collaborate with IU
– His ideal type is a girl who is completely feminine from head to toe. He wouldn’t mind dating someone older than him.
– Is a big fan of new drama “별에서 온 그대 (you who came from the stars)”
– He has no pets but like small cats and dogs
– Seungwoo doesn’t think he is any good at dancing
– One of his songs is on the 투윅스 (2 weeks) OST
– He is most confident about his fingers because cameras zoom in on his fingers when he performs.

Q: If you were to go back in time to when you were on SuperStar K 4 is there anything you would change?
A: The song selections for the live performances. He feels he pushed himself to hard.

Q: Have you ever thought of changing your hairstyle?
A: Currently he has a bowl cut hair style. He would like to change it but has no set preference. Longer, or shorter doesn’t matter just as long as it’s different.

Q: How o you feel about all the comments about you losing a lot of weight lately?
A: When it comes to skin care he goes to the dermatologist a lot. He has gotten taller, and lost a lot of weight because he has not been eating well since he is so busy.

Q: If you could be anyone in the world for 1 week who would you be?
A: He would like to be Jason Mraz while on a world tour.

Q: Future plans?
A: Wants to let the world know who Yu Seung Woo is. He wants to be a good singer, and known as a nice guy who gives back to society.

Live Performance::
입슬이 밉다
(hesitating lips) & I’m in love

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