Cham-som (참깨와 솜사탕)

Cham-som was the K-Star & Live guest in the SuperKpop studio with DJ Stephanie. Cham-som (참깨와 솜사탕) is a co-ed group with two men and one woman. They debuted in 2010 and are currently under Pastel Music.

The members::
Giduk (기덕) – Lyricist, vocal, composer
Jisu (지수) – Vocal, lyricist,
Hyunsu (현수) – Percussion, cajon (j =h),

About the music::
잊어야 한다는 게 (I must forget) is about wanting to forget someone, but knowing forgetting them is very hard to do. 의미 (meaning) is a song that explains their opinion of Fate. Most of their music is about puppy love, and the emotion that go with it. Their live performances on the show was just their live voices and instruments.

– Thier name literally means Sesame & Cotton-candy
– Hyunsu is shy around women
– Giduk gets inspiration for lyrics from manhwas
– They ranked first in indie music char
– Giduk said they don’t usually laugh much when they get together
– Their hobbies include, reading (Jisu), learning to play drums (Hyunsu), and online games (Giduk)

Q & A::
Q: Why the name 참깨와 솜사탕?
A: Giduk and Hyunsu went to school together. One day Hyunsu was going through Giduk’s bag, and saw some moldy bread that was black with white clouds. Hyunsu said it reminded him of sesame and cotton candy. That memory was the inspiration for the group name.

Q: Have you ever traveled outside of Korea? If not, what country are you most excited about visiting?
A: Jisu – France & Italy because he wants to feel the European passion
Hyunsu – he is very curious about Japan
Giduk – USA (New York) because a lot of artistic musicians are there

Q: Ideal type?
A: Hyunsu – little, cute, and petite
Giduk – sexy like Sunmi
Jisu – a guy she can communicate with, and guy with inner beauty

Q: You most embarrassing moment so far?
A: While they were street performing a drunk old man threw a soju bottle at them, and started demanding random songs. They were very professional about it, and continued on with their performance.

Live Performance::
잊어야 한다는 게
(I must forget), 의미 (meaning), & Love is an open door (frozen ost)

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