Ladies Code (레이디스 코드)

Ladies Code was in the SoundK studio for a Star Date with DJ Seean. Ladies Code (레이디스 코드) debuted in 2013 under Polaris Entertainment.

The members::
Ashley (애슐리) – Leader, vocal
Zuny (주니) – Maknae, vocal
EunB (은비) – Vocal
Sojung (소정 – Vocal
Ri se (리세) – Vocal

– Ashley is fluent in English. She was brn in Korea and raised in USA.
– According to the members Zuny would look good as a man, because he has very handsome masculine features
– They all go to church together
– Ashley says they look intimidating but they are really little girls on the inside
– The company doesn’t let them date. Plus they just don’t have the time or dating.
– They won the best new female group award recently.
– Between her pretty moments and her ugly moments EunB has the biggest change according to the members.
– Ashley think she looks ugly at the end of the day when she finishes her schedules, and removes her make-up, and sees all new pimples on her face.

Q & A::
Q: When do you think you look your best?
A: The members say Ashley looks her best without make-up. Ashley think she looks her best after exercising when her face has a light sweat shininess to it.
EunB – with full make-up right before going on stage.
Ri se – with light make like when he goes to church

Q: How are the fans divided amongst the members in term of popularity?
A: EunB – older guy fans over 30s
Ri se – younger lady fans
Zuny – guys in their 30s and younger
Sojung – Older lady fans

Q: What are you goals for the year?
A: They want to increase their fan base, win an award, and continue to show their charms. They want to make people feel happy when they listen to Ladies Code.

Interview Footage::

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