Stellar (스텔라)

Stellar was in the SuperKpop studio with DJ Stephanie for this week’s Special Guest Monday. Stellar (스텔라) is a four member group that debuted in 2011 under Top Class Entertainment.

The members::
Gayoung (가영) – Leader, vocal, dance
Junyool (전율) – Maknae, rapper, vocal
Minhee (민희) – Dance, vocal
Hyoeun (효은) – Vocal

About the music::
They recently made a comeback with 마리오네트 (Marionette) which has a very sexy concept. Marionette is about a woman who foolishly hangs onto a man who no longer loves her, like a puppet on a string. The choreography was originally not sexy but the choreographer changed the dance after getting a better feel for the song. Their costume for this new song is a leotard and leggings. 가져 너 다 (Take it all) is a dramatic song about a girl whose best friend is stealing her boyfriend.

– They all live in a dorm together.
– Hyoeun is currently experiencing some body aches and cold symptoms
– Gayoung & Minhee are professional dancers. They both majored in dance, and studied traditional Korean dance as children.
– They use the cardio bar method to stay fit.
– Minhee has the weirdest sleeping habits. Minhee will start sleeping with her own teddy bear, and then stops sleeping with it in order to sleep with someone else’s teddy bear. She does all this while still sleeping.
– Junyool was voted to by the members as the sexiest member.
– Gayoung’s dream was to become a ballerina, and trained in the youth division of a top Korean dance company.

Q & A::
Q: If you were shipwrecked on a deserted island which member would you want to be shipwrecked with?
A: Gayoung – Junyool because she always has a snack with her.
Minhee – Gayoung because she cooks very well. If Minhee hunts for food Gayoung can cook it.

Q: Ideal types?
A: Junyool – muscular teddy bear kind of guy
Minhee – a guy who is like a baby fox
Gayoung – a family-oriented gentleman

Q: What is your dream as Stellar?
A: They want to be the brightest and shiniest star in the Korean music industry.

Q: Your future plans for 2014?
A: They will continue to work hard. They want to become more popular and put out a new album.

Interview Footage::

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