Misty (미스티)

Misty and DJ Stephanie were in the SuperKpop studio for Kpop Rising. Misty (미스티) is an R&B / Dance singer who made her solo debut in 2014 under Goodfellas Entertainment.

About the music::
Misty recently made her 2014 comeback with a song called 이 노래 때문에.
이 노래 때문에 (because of this song) is about a girl who right after a break up gets in a taxi. In the taxi a sad song is playing on the radio, and the girl uses that song as an excuse for crying. In essence she is saying “I’m crying because of this song, not because of my break up.” 나 지금 집앞이야 (come out I’m in front of your house) is a collaboration project with Sukhee (숙희). The song is about a girl who is standing in front of her first love’s house crying for him to come out just once.

– Former member of Gavy NJ (2009-2012)
– She is a vocal training professor at a university.
– Her musical inspiration comes from living her life and drama/movie lines
– A radio listener challenged her to show something special about herself that no one else can do. In response she said her personality is something no one else can do.
– She hates her real name (필도)

Q & A::
Q: Why did you want to leave Gavy NJ?
A: Misty is over 30, so she no longer fits into the idol star mold. She wanted to do the songs she was most comfortable with doing.

Q: What is the hardest thing about no longer being in a group?
A: In a group fellow members can cover her weak areas, but when alone she has to just struggle through the weakness. In a group she can store energy for the high notes, but when by herself she doesn’t have as much time to prepare and gather energy.

Q: What made you want to be a singer?
A: She was a writer of classical music. That experience made her want to be a singer.

Q: What is your dream as a solo singer?
A: As a group their dream was to get the number one award. She has let the goal go, and just wants everyone to remember her as a solo singer.

Live Performance::
이 노래 때문에
(because of this song) & Warwick Avenue (Duffy)

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