Crucial Star (크루셜스타)

Crucial Star was in the SuperKpop studio or K-star & Live with DJ Stephanie. Crucial Star (크루셜스타) is a hiphop singer/songwriter that debuted in 2010 under Grand Line Entertainment.

About the music::
너에게 주고 싶은 세가지 (I want to give you 3 kinds)’ and ‘flat shoes’ were both inspired by his girlfriend. In ‘너에게 주고 싶은 세가지‘ he is telling her the three different kinds of love he wants to give her. In ‘flat shoes’ he is telling her to wear flat shoes instead of high heels, so she can spend her time with him comfortably.

– His real name is Park Seyoon (박세윤)
– His life and the environment around him give him inspiration for his music
– He has a girlfriend who is younger than him
– His role models include his father and Drake (an Canadian hiphop artist)
– He would like to visit France at some pint in the future
– At the end of the interview DJ Stephanie was surprised to find out they share Oct. 16th as a birthday

Q & A::
Q: How did you come up with the name Crucial Star?
A: The star comes from his wanting to be the leader of the new hiphop generation. He wanted a good English name and therefore he consulted a dictionary. He went through the As and Bs and didn’t find a word the felt right. While going through the Cs he found the word crucial. He liked the meaning of the word, and chose that as his stage name. And so Crucial Star was born.

Q: Has a song ever moved you to tears?
A: There was one time when a song made him cry while listening to it, although he doesnt remember what that song was today. However when recording his own song 싶지 않아 됬다 he became emotional. Not because of the song, but because around that time someone had asked him what his dream was, and he couldn’t answer the question.

Q: What are your future plans?
A: He is still trying to find his path. He is very concerned about figuring out what his dreams/goals for life are.

Live Performance::
너에게 주고 싶은 세가지
(I want to give you 3 kinds) & Flat Shoes

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