Zizo (지조)

Zizo and DJ SeeAn had a Star Date in the SoundK studio. Zizo (지조) is a rapper that debuted in 2011 as part of Together Brothers (투게더 브라더스), and is currently under Quan Entertainment.

About the music::
겨울 해운대
(Winter haeundae) is about taking your lover to Haeundae around winter time. His inspiration or this song was taken from his past experience, and his imagination.

– He still records his music at home
– Show Me The Money 2 as part of MC Meta’s crew
– Made it to Show Me The Money 2 finals, and lost the grand prize by 1 vote to Soul Dive.
– Part of Korea’s underground hiphop scene
– Zizo is part of Together Brothers wih BK Block.
– Currently he enjoying single life.
– He regrets not doing more preparation with Winter Haeundae. He is only 50% satisfied with the final result.
– He has already serviced his military service.
– In Korea he is known or being pod at freestyle rapping, he likes freestyling about his life.
– He doesn’t like the atmosphere of rap battles, because it feels like fighting and is stressful for him.
– He can read & translate English but not very good at speaking, he likes direct messages when talking in English.

Q & A::
Q: When did you decide to go into music?
A: When in the military one of the things he always wanted to do when giving the chance was listen to music. This got him thinking that he must really like music. The first thing he did when released from military service was borrow money from his dad, and record his rap.

Q: How did you get the chance to work with Lim Kim?
A: He was with HaHa at a trainee event, and he let HaHa listen to the song first. Then said that the song would be better with a female voice. He said it would be great if Kim Yerim could do the female voice. HaHa said that could possibly happen. A couple days later Lim Kim’s voice was on the track.

Live Performance::
겨울 해운대
(winter haeundae)

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