M.O.A (모아)

MOA was the Hot New Face in the Kpoppin studio with DJ Isak. MOA (모아) is a rookie girl group that debut in early 2014 under Professional Entertainment.

The members::
Hika (히카) – Leader, rapper
Zebra (지브라) – Vocal
Jelly (젤리) – Rapper
Hyena (혜나) – Vocal
Miba (미바) – Main vocal
Chanhee (찬희) – Vocal
Jayoung (자영) – Vocal

– Miba is the most blunt with her honesty.
– Hyena was voted the member who always has to check herself in the mirror.
– They live in a dorm and share one bathroom.
– Zebra takes the longest to get ready.
– All the member are B or O blood types.
– Jelly is from Taiwan and Zebra is from Japan.
– MOA means Member of Asia. They have a inside joke that they are the mental break down of Asia.
-Hika is nicknamed the executive producer of the group, because she is very hands on with the groups music.
– They promoted in china for a few months, they say it was their hardest and most memorable experience so far.

Q & A::
Q: How did you guys pick your name?
A: Hika = HIdden CArd (c = k in Korean alphabet) Hika decided to take these syllables and put them together. Zebra got her name because she likes fabrics with various animal/funky prints on them.

Q: First impressions of each other?
A: When Hyena first met Zebra she was stared down and Zebra made Hyena feel awkward. Hika remember Hyena was a solo performer with a sexy concept, and was surprised to find out Hyena was so baby like when they met.

Q: Favorite foods?
A: Hyena – dukbukki
Miba – pork belly
Hika – chicken
Zebra – any food

Q: Future plans and goals for the year?
A: They are preparing for a unit group. They want to try putting out a couple more albums, and maybe getting the rookie award.

Live Performance::
(I’ll call ya)

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