Lunafly (루나플라이)

Lunafly was this weeks Special Monday guest in the SuperKpop studio with DJ Stephanie. Lunafly (루나플라이) is a male pop rock idol band that debuted in 2012 under Nega Entertainment.

The members::
Sam Carter (샘카터) – Leader, composer, vocal, guitar
Teo (테오) – Maknae, vocal, piano, bass, composer, percussion
Yun () – Guitar, vocal, composer

– Yun had a one line appearance in the drama
– Sam Carter is the previous DJ of Arirang Radio’s SuperKpop
– According to Sam all the member are terrible dancers
– Their debut song is Sam’s favorite lunafly song
– Sam says he getting weird request to from fans to touch their head
– Their current concept is ripped jeans, Sam owns 10 pairs, and Teo owns about 40.

Q & A::
Q: Teo what is your dream sandwich?
A: Bread, bacon, chicken, beef, strawberry jam, cream cheese, tomato

Q: What are you mottos for life?
A: Sam – work hard, play harder
Teo – Don’t regret

Q: What is Lunafly’s dream?
A: To meet every single one of their fans.

Live Performance::
특별한 남자
(Special Guy) & 얼마나 좋을까 (How nice would it be)

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