Wings (윙스)

Wings was in the SoundK studio for a Star Date with DJ SeeAn. Wings (윙스) is a female vocal duo that debuted in early 2014 under Dalnbyul Music.

The members::
Yeseul (예슬) – Vocal
Nayoung (나영) – Vocal

About the music::
Wings made their debut onto the kpop scene with the song Hair Short. Hair Short is about cutting your hair after a break up. In the song they are hiding their emotions by saying that the hair cut is because its pretty, and not because of the break up. There are many reasons why girls cut their hair after a break up. Wings says their reason is to erase the image that the ex-boyfriend claimed to like. Cutting the hair is like giving yourself a fresh start.

– SoundK is their first radio broadcasted interview session
– When Nayoung was getting her hair cut people were watching her, and she started to cry while getting her hair cut, but she doesn’t know why.
– Yeseul has the same name as an actress
– Nayoung had a white teddy bear when she was younger but her mom throw it because it was too dirty
– Yeseul would survive longer in the jungle because she knows how to make inedible food edible.
– Their favorite artist are Park Yooshin, Baek Jiyoung, and Amy Winehouse
– Nayoung has been playing piano for 6-8 years, and Yeseul has recently started learning Guitar
– Yeseul would like to visit Australia, and Nayoung wants to see the beautiful nature of Switzerland

Q & A::
Q: What does the name Wings mean?
A: They are going to use their wings to fly high. They adapted the meaning of ‘Wings’ from the song “Wings” by European girl group LittleMix. A famous pianist told them not to fly too high, but just to fly moderately high.

Q: What was your debut stage like? We’re you nervous?
A: They were concentrating on not making mistakes that they had no chance to be nervous.

Q: What is your opinion on having short hair on your own head?
A: Yeseul likes her both when it’s short and long. People have been telling Nayoung she looks better with short hair. Nayoung is starting to feel like short hair is more comfortable, and not as heavy on her head.

Q: Future Plans?
A: They will do their best to always show good performances. Their goal for the year is to win the newcomer award.

Live Performance::
Hair Short & Wings (Little Mix)

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