Amor Fati (아모르파티)

Amor Fati stopped by the SuperKpop studio for Kpop Rising with DJ Stephanie.
Amor Fati (아모르파티)is female pop rock band bringing a new paradym to rock music. Amor Fati debuted in early 2014 under Coolwave Music.

The members::
Manyeo (마녀) – Vocal, guitar, piano
Yenn () – Drum
Moxi (막시) – Guitar, vocal
Hyoi (효이) – Bass, piano, vocal

About the music::
Their debut single ‘Get out of my face’ is about a relationship with a bad guy. At first the girl is sarcastically saying go away. Then as the song progresses the girl is angry and seriously telling to boy to get out of her face, because he is a bad boy.

– The name Amor Fati is Latin, and means love your fate.
– Hyoi’s original dream was to be a nun.
– Moxi & Hyoi have the same baptism name; Catherine.
– If Manyeo was stuck on an island she’d want Moxi there because Moxi is so positive minded.
– If Moxi was stuck on an island she wants Yenn with her because Yenn is strong, and can hunt for food.

Q & A::
Q: How did you decide on the name Amor Fati?
A: Yenn got the name from a friend on SNS who said ‘Amor Fati’ after talking about they’d read. Yenn liked the phrase and told the other members, who also liked it. From then on they have been Amor Fati (아모르파티).

Q: What inspired you to start playing you various instruments?
A: In middle there was a guy that Yenn liked who played the drums. Yenn got the chance to learn to play drums from him. She has been playing drums ever since.

Live Performance::
Get out of my face & Say the word

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