Sam (쌤)

Sam was in the SuperKpop studio for K-Star & Live with DJ Stephanie. Sam () is a hiphop singer songwriter that debut in March 2014 under GNG Production.

About the music::
Sam’s debut song 가로수 길 is about an area of Gangnam that is known for having beautiful women. In this song he is telling his girlfriend that out of all the women on 가로수 길 she is the prettiest.

– He was born and raised in chicago, IL, and is fluent in English
– The only thing he misses about Chicago is his family
– He has lived in Korea for 8 years, and was training that whole time
– He loves hiphop music, and he doesn’t know how to dance
– His ideal type is someone who understands that he his Korean American, and someone he can converse with.
– Sam likes lyrics that are straightforward, and don’t dance around the songs topic
– He likes to rap, but doesn’t think anyone would like listening to him rap
– He auditioned for Voice Korea with the song 사랑했잖아 (we were in love)
– He favorite actor right now is Kim Woobin
– Before coming to Korea his musical influences included artist like JYP, now the list has grown to include several others.
– He favorite artist are currently Yu Youngjin, and Lyn

Q & A::
Q: How could you be so patient about waiting 8 years to debut?
A: He came to Korea with nothing and started making music. It was make it or break it for him. He had nothing to lose and lots to gain.

Q: Have you ever thought of being in a group?
A: Since his musical genre is hiphop, he does lots of collaborations. He doesn’t feel the need to be in a group.

Live Performance::
가로수 길 & 사랑했잖아
(we were in love)

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