SoReal (소리얼)

SoReal had a Star Date with DJ Stephanie in ths SoundK studio. SoReal (소리얼) is a male vocal group that made their official debuted in spring of 2014 under Star Empire.

The members::
Ryu Philip (류필립) – Maknae, vocal
Sungho (강성호) – Vocal
Daegeun (주대근) – Vocal
Jangmoon (변장문) – Leader, vocal

– They live in a dorm
– Philip and Daegeun share a room, and Philip talks in his sleep
– They haven’t celebrated their debut yet
– Daegeun doesn’t like when everyone is too quite
– Daegeun is the entertainer of the group
– Jangmoon’s favorite american singer is Eric Bennett
– Philip can’t live without love
– Daegeun loves Michael Jackson
– Philip makes romantic eye contact with his members

Q & A::
Q: What do you o to warm up your vocal cords?
A: Sungho – sing there songs in a different range
Philip – sing a if talking
Jangmoon – focuses on breathing control
Daegeun – sings going up and down in his vocal range

Q: Ideal type?
A: Philip – sexy girls
Daegeun – has to get the right feeling from the girl
Jangmoon – cute girls
Sungho – a girl who will stand by him, and be supportive and understanding.

Live Performance::
Just the way you are (Bruno Mars)

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