Eddy Kim (에디김)

Eddy Kim was in the Kpoppin studio with DJ Isak. Eddy Kim (에디김) is a solo artist that debuted in the spring of 2014, under Mystic89.

About the music::
Eddy produced his entire debut album. Two years apart was originally meant to be a preview for the album, but ended up being part of the album. 밀당의 고수 (Push and pull) is about a guy being on the receiving end of a woman’s push and pull. It is basically about the beginning of relationship when couples are in the “are we dating, are we not” stage.

– He was on Super Star K
– He has already completed his military service
– He is currently interested in somebody
– Eddy is a Korean-American and fluent in English, but he has been in Korea so long speaking English has become uncomfortable
– He says he has seduced a girl by singing to her
– In the future he would like to collaborate with John Meyer
– He says he has more success getting girls with English pick up lines
– Kpoppin radio listeners have declared him a player
– He admitted to be the bad guy in relationships, and that he breaks up with girls more often than they break up with him
– Eddy’s musical influence come from listening to all types of music, but he really likes 90s style music

Q & A::
Q: How do you go about the writing process?
A: When he was in the army he would carry a little notepad in the knee pocket of his military grubs. Then when something came to him he would write it down. Whenever he had time later he would get out his guitar, and put a melody to it. After military he does everything right then when the music comes to him. He doesn’t really like making music between doing other stuff.

Q: Ideal type?
A: A girl with long hair, out going, laid back, and out spoken.

Q: Dream concert?
A: It would be in a Koreas biggest gymnasium, with a John Meyer-like theme. Where he can fill the whole gym with just the sound of his acoustic guitar. He would have a Stevie Wonder as a special guest.

Future plans?
He will continue album promotions. He hopes the public continues to support him.

Live Performance::
너 사용법
(how to use you) & 밀당의 고수 (push and pull)

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