JJCC (Double JC)

JJCC (Double JC) was in the SoundK studio on a Star Date with DJ Stephanie. Double JC is a 5 member boy group that debuted in early 2014 under Jackie Chan Group Korea.

The members::
Simba (심바) – Leader, rap
E.co (에코) – Rap
Eddy (에디) – Lead vocal
Prince Mak (프린스맥) – Vocal
San Chung (산청) – Maknae, rap

– Eddy is the lead vocal but he loves rapping
– E.co’s favorite color is black
– San Chung describes himself as a sloth because he is slow about everything
– Prince Mak and Eddy are fluent in English.
– Simba’s favorite girl group is 2ne1. His favorite member is CL, because of her aura and charisma.
– E.co had his first love in 6th grade, but it was one sided, now he is best friends with that girl, but he’s no longer intimately interested in her.
– Every day they job at Han river in the morning
– San Chung is the messiest member
– Prince Mak is Chinese-Australian everybody else is Korean
– Everyone except E.co said they want to trade positions with Simba, just because he is the leader

Q & A::
Q: What does your name mean?
A: The name has two meanings. When read ‘JJCC’ it means Jackie Chan Joint Cultures. When read ‘Double JC’ it means Double Joy Creatives.

Q: What were your first impressions of each other?
A: E.co thought San Chung was the oldest when he first met him. San Chung thought Simba was a model because of his smile. Prince Mak thought Eddy was feminine, because of his hair and behavior. Eddy thought E.co was of a dark characters because he wore everything black.

Q: Special talents?
A: Prince Mak likes beat boxing. Simba does an impersonation of Kim Nae Won’s last scene from the Korean movie Sunflower. Eddy does martial arts.

Q: Ideal type?
A: Prince Mak – short hair
Eddy – Someone who is not afraid to get sweaty, and do sports
Simba – a girl he can protect
San Chung – pale skin, long hair

Q: Future plans?
A: This is the last week they are doing At First promotions. Then they will start working on their 2nd album.

Live Performance::
첨엔 다 그래
(at first) & just the way you are (Bruno Mars cover)

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  1. Prince man is chinese-australian

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