AirManGirl (공기남녀)

AirManGirl was in the Superkpop studio with DJ 1Kyne for Kpop Rising. AirManGirl (공기남녀) is a co-ed duo debuted in 2014 under Pastel Music.

The members::
Kwak Taehoon (곽태훈) – composer, producer, vocal
Mine (미네) – Vocal

– They used to do musicals
– Being on Arirang Radio was their first radio broadcast
– Mine likes mint tea, and doesn’t drink coffee
– Taehoon loves coffee
– Taehoon wrote a song for a girl, but it didn’t completely resignate with her, but the experience is something he will always remember.
– Mine wrote a song for AirManGirl and performed it for a guy she liked and he melted.
– Mine made her Bosanova debut in 2007
– Taehoon is a straight forward perfectionist according to a personality test conducted live during the interview.
– Taehoon said Mine has excellent fashion sense.

Q & A::
Q: How did you decide on the name AirManGirl?
A: Air because their voices are airy. ManGirl because they are a male and female.

Q: When did start getting into music?
A: Mine – high school
Taehoon – start singing in elementary school

Q: Ideal type?
A: Mine – Sexy, broad shoulders, fit looking, truthful, someone she canon net with
Taehoon – cute, pretty hands, someone he can communicate with

Q: Dream for AirManGirl?
A: To get their name known, and continue doing music for many years.

Q: Future plans?
A:.They have new music in the works

Live Performance::
I still & 인연

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