Icon was in the SoundK studio with DJ Stephanie for a Star Date. Icon debuted in 2004 as the drummer (Rose) in TRAX. He was a guitarist for The Romantist. Now he is a solo artist under MJ Dreamsys.

– His mom is the CEO of his agency, MJ Dreamsys.
– He was born in Japan.
– He has stared in God’s gift 14 days.
– Icon likes old movies
– He says acting is harder for him than singing, because he is not good at lying.
– Icon’s real name is No Minwoo (노민우).
– He has had supporting roles in various popular made for tv dramas.
– Icon doesn’t like playing piano, but his favorite instrument is the piano.
– He owns a pink guitar

Q & A::
Q: What do you do in you free time?
A: Watch movies. He doesn’t really get out much.

Q: Why did you name your fanclub hanja (patient)?
A: When people are sick he heals them with his music.

Q: Future plans?
A: On May 25th going to Japan to perform, and on the 29th celebrating his birthday

Live Performance::

Interview Footage::

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