Cold Cherry (차가운체리)

Cold Cherry stopped by the Superkpop studio for Kpop Rising with DJ 1kyne. Cold Cherry (차가운체리) is an acoustic rock band that debuted in 2009 under YDCT Music.

The members::
Bbalkang (김빨강) – Vocalist
Hyun Jin (유현진) – Guitarist
Yoo Han (이유한) – Drummer

– They always say “We would rather make music one person listens to 100 times than music 100 people listen to once.”
– Bbalkang uses this stage name because he loves the color red
– Hyun Jin hates taking orders, and is a bit rebellious
– Hyun Jin and Bbalkang went to the same school
– Yoo Han likes Michael Jackson & Sting, Hyun Jin likes John Meyer, & Bbalkang likes
– Hyun Jin says not being funny is begging funny. Bbalkang says that when you get to know Hyun Jin he has his funny side. But fans might not be able to notice it.
– They wrote a song for IU using the titles of her songs, but they haven’t given it to her yet

Q & A::
Q: Why the name cold cherry?
A: Cold is for something sad, and cherry is a sweet and sexy fruit.

Q: Future plans?
A: A solo concert in the summer time, and they are ready to perform anywhere fans call them. **They would like to travel outside of Korea (hint hint)**

Live Performance::
(growing pains 2), This is Me, Home (Michael Buble cover), IU’s song

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