Park SiHwan (박시환)

Park Si Hwan was the Hot New Face in the Kpoppin studio with DJ Isak. Park Si Hwan (박시환) debuted in spring 2014, after winning 2nd place on Super Star K5. He is currently releasing music through CJ E&M.

About the music::
His debut mini album Spring Awakening has two title tracks: 뒤척이다, and 다만 그대를 (just you). 뒤척이다 is about how a guy feels after a break-up. It features a piano and guitar combination that enhances the vocals. 다만 그대를 (just you) has a British pop medium tempo sound. It is more up beat and has a high vocal tone than his previous songs.

– Sihwan favorite food is chicken
– He doesn’t follow any particular sport
– He audition for every season of Super Star K until he got on the show in season 5
– Sihwan really wants to meet Lee Juk (이적)
– Sihwan says his charming point is his nose, because people always tell him his nose looks good, so he is most confident about his nose
– In his free time he reads SNS messages and letters from fans
– Sihwan likes the more toned down and easy to sing songs
– He says his friends have become fans, and they buy his album so he can sign them, and then they give them away.

Speed Quiz::
Ice-cream or candy? Ice-cream
Sweet or sour? Sweet
Cute or sexy? Cute
Short or long hair? Both
Beach or mountain? Mountain
Skinship or no touching? No touchy-feely

Q & A::
Q: For someone who is always single where do you get the feeling and emotion for your songs?
A: He uses his experiences with reject, crushes, and one-sided loves

Q: Is there anyone you would like to do a collaboration with?
A: Lee Sora, because he has looked up to her for awhile, and would love to do a duet with her.

Q: Ideal type?
A: A voice that is appealing to him, Small and chubby, and has hidden charms that he find slowly over time

Q: How do you sing so effortlessly?
A: Around junior high he started going to 노래방 (karaoke room) with his friends. He would practice singing to different artist, and styles of music. After a while it became like training for him.

Q: Future plans?
A: Continue with promotions,and show more of himself on music shows and radio.

Live Performance::

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