Fly to the Sky

Fly to the Sky was the Star Close-up this week in the Kpoppin studio with DJ Isak. Fly to the Sky is a male duo that debuted in 1999 and are currently under H2 Media.

The members::
Brian Joo (브리안주) – Vocal
Hwanhee (환희) – Vocal

About the music::
They recently made a comeback with ‘Continum’, which contains 10 tracks. The title track 너를 너를 너를 (You) is a compelling song to an ex-lover, that is not sad, and in an upgraded ballad style. ‘We’ seems like the autobiographical story of Fly to the Sky. 니 목소리 (Your voice) is a song offering an apology, saying goodbye, and I miss you all at the same time. During the interview Brian said the album looks like the “Kpop Bible.”

– Hwanhee completed his military duty last year
– Brian is from the states and fluent in English
– It has been 15 years since their debut
– They are both CEOs of their own companies
– They love having fun, and being class clowns
– If Brian wrote a book it would be about health and fitness, but he said he hates books
– When shooting the ‘You’ video they were uncomfortable because it was cold and they had sprinklers raining on them
– If they could go back in time Brian would like to go back to high school when he had no responsibilities. Hwanhee would go back to when they first debuted.
– If they could do a concert anywhere in the world Hwanhee would like it to be in Europe, and Brian’s wants France

Q & A::
Q: How did you go about picking songs for the album?
A: They would bring songs to each other, and ask what the other thought. If it got the okay, it was put added to the list of album songs. Then to stick with the concept of the album they narrowed own the album list to 10 tracks.

Q: Have you guys changed at all in the past 15 years?
A: According to Hwanhee, Brian seems like he can sleep better and has less sad moments. Brian said Hwanhee seemed happier and more free.

Q: Why this particular concept?
A: They want to do something more mature. To show that they hadn’t broken the group up they named he album continum.

Q: Of all times to make a comeback why now?
A: They felt like the kpop world needed them to bring music from a different genre, and musically broaden the horizons of the audiences.

Q: Future plans?
A: Currently have only 1 month of album promotions planned. They have their concert tour of Korea coming up in the summer. Their goal is that when people listen to their music they should feel relaxed and at ease.

Interview Footage::

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