Phantom (팬텀)

Phantom was in the Superkpop studio for KStar & Live with DJ 1Kyne. Phantom (팬텀) is a male group that debuted in 2011 under WA Entertainment.

The members::
Kiggen (이기원) – Leader, rapper, producer
Sanchez (산체스) – vocal, producer, rapper
Han Hae (한해) – Maknae, rapper, vocal,

About the music::
They recently released their first full length album, Phantom Power. Future Wife, is about partying on a Friday night, and suddenly finding that special one. 내가 잤다 (Baby Please) is about being tired of your lover, and wanting to end the relationship. The guys feelings are described perfectly with the lyrics “Baby please just let me go, you say it’s love, I say it’s dust.”

– When bored Sanchez likes to watch movies
– They don’t live together, and don’t want to
– Hanhae’s favorite color is black, and Sanchez’s favorite color is red
– They are very outgoing, but people think they are calm and don’t talk much because of the last time they were promoting a song.
– In their free time they like to go clubbing, and girls. Kiggen really loves clubbing.

Q & A::
Q: Who is the best drinker in the group?
A: Hanhae only drinks comfortably around his friends
Sanchez gets drunk very easily
Kiggen is an average drinker

Q: What countries would you like to visit?
A: Kiggen – China
Hanhae – New Zaeland
Sanchez – wherever they call us, we’ll be there

Q: What is your dream as Phantom?
A: Their dream is to go to different countries and really perform for the fans.

Live Performance::
오늘 따라
(Seoul lonely) & 내가 잤다 (Baby please)

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