Bob Girls (단발머리)

Bob Girls was in the Hot New Face in the Kpoppin studio with DJ Isak. Bob Girls (단발머리) is a 4 member girl group that debuted in 2014 under Chrome Entertainment.

The members::
Yoo Jung (유정) – Rap, vocal
Dahye (다혜) – Main vocal
Jina (지나) – Sub-vocal
Danbi (단비) – Maknae, lead vocal

About the music::
Their debut single album, “The 1st Single Album,” contains 2 songs. “No way” has a sexy charismatic concept accompanied by a rhythmic dance. It is about a girl who falls for a bad guy. On the flip side “Wae-i-rae (왜이래)” has a cutesy concept.

– Jina makes the most mistakes when learning choreography, but when she finally gets it down she makes it her own.
– Danbi doesn’t show her a emotions often
– They live together and they don’t really have an umma in the group, but Jina is the closest to being the umma.
– Yoo Jung turns on the eye charm when she feels that she is about to meet someone in which she needs to promote herself. It is almost like she gains confidence just for throw situations.
– According to the members Dahye pays to much attention to her appearance
Dahye’s nickname is “How do I look? (나 어때?)”
– Danbi and Jina share a room, and Yoo Jung and Dahye share the other room

Q & A::
Q: Why the name Bob Girls?
A; Their CEO picked the name, and it has a cultural meaning behind it. In Korea when a girl cuts her hair shot she is trying to change her image, forget lost loves, or to look more mature. In so doing they want to show that they as a group can change/adapt to everything the industry and throw at them.

Q: If you had the chance to perform somewhere outside of Korea where would it be?
A: Jina – Australia
Dahye- Japan
Yoo Jung – China
Danbi – Philippines

Q: Do you have any weird habits?
A: Jina has to sleep with a towel to cuddle with before she con sleep. Dahye talks in her sleep switching from English, Japanese, and Korea. Her roommate, Yoo Jung, sometimes feels like she’s living with a foreigner, with all the foreign languages.

Interview Footage::

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