Gate Flowers (게이트 플라워즈)

Gate Flowers was the Kpop Rising guest in the SuperKpop studio with DJ 1kyne. Gate Flowers (게이트 플라워즈) is an indie rock band that debuted in 2010, and is currently signed to Echo Brid.

The members::
Sungsik (염성식) – Guitar
Jongeun (양종은) – Drum
Keunhong (박근홍) – Vocal
Jaein (유재인) – Bass

About the music::
They recently released (Senile Serpent). Sungsik came up with the idea while driving through Seoul. The image of an old & weak snake trying to be sneaky but not being sneaky al all. He related the image that came to his head to society. (I) is about focusing on other things than SNS and staying home. Sungsik wrote the song based on his observation of himself and other people. 해봐 (Do it) was originally a hard rock song, but they have rearranged it to accoustic.

– Sungsik likes the smell of flowers, but not the flowers themselves
– In 2005 they went through a break up and in 2008 got back together with a new member
– Sungsik is a regular guest on Arirang radio show SoundK @ 9pm
– Sungsik is fluent in English
– Keunhong’s singing voice sounds completely different from his speaking voice
– Jongeun has been playing guitar since high school (1988)
– Their favorite soccer team is Korea
– Keunhong isn’t a soccer person except for World Cup where he cheers for Korea.
– Jaein likes snakes because of their album title. Keunhong likes cats because they are cute

Q & A::
Q: Why the name Gate Flowers?
A: When written in Hanja (Chinese characters) the name translates to culture (문화). [Gate/door () flower()]. They want to bring all cultures together through music.

Q: Who is your musical influence?
A: Keunhong – Pearl Jam
Sungsik – Michael Jackson
Jaein – Various people
Jongeun – Various genres

Q:What does music mean to you?
A: Sungsik – a tool to connect with people
Keunhong -sometimes everything, sometimes nothing
Jaein -every thing in every day life
Jongeun – 3rd behind family & friends

Q: Future plans?
A: They have a concert at Jaela Hall on 2014-Jun-28. They are planning overseas activities but nothing they are say right now. Their dream is for Peace, and to show more music.

Live Performance::
(Do it)

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