Lee Ye Joon (이예준)

Lee Ye Joon was the Star Close-up in the Kpoppin studio with DJ Isak. Lee Ye Joon (이예준) is a female solo artist that debuted in 2014 under Universal Entertainment.

– She has a husky singing voices
– She has no confidence in dancing especially not while singing
– Lee Ye Joon won first place on Voice Korea season 2
– She majored in music in college
– To warm up her vocal cords she screams for little bit before each stage.
– Recently into vocalist with powerful voices rather than other husky voices.

Q & A::
Q: What was your debut stage like?
A: It was three blurry minutes she wishes she can redo, so she can remember it.

Q: When was the moment you decided to do music?
A: She comes from a family that loves music. Therefore, she couldn’t say exactly what or who it was that inspired her to become a singer.

Q: Future plans?
A: She loves to be on places where she can show more of herself, and color.

Live Performance::
갈아타는 곳
(Place of Transfer) & 내가 가수가 된 이유 (The reason I became a singer)

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