Cross Gene (크로스진)

Cross Gene had a Star Date with DJ Stephanie in the SoundK studio. Cross Gene (크로스진) is a diverse group of guys that debuted in 2012 under Amuse Korea.

The members::
Shin () – Leader, vocal, Fresh gene
Casper (캐스퍼) – Rap, Wild Chic gene
Takuya (타쿠야) – Vocal, Gorgeous gene
Seyoung (세영) – Vocal, Miracle gene
Sangmin (상민) – Rap, Organic gene
Yongseok (용석) – Maknae, vocal, Myspace gene

– There are 4 members from Korea, 1 from China, and 1 from Japan
– Casper has a back injury and was not at the interview
– Shin’s favorite animal is dolphin
– Yongseok and Takuya are the aegyo members
– They are all very happy to be back on stage after a 2 year hiatus
– Recently Sangmin has been listening to Michael Jackson’s newly released music
– Takuya takes the longest to get ready, because he takes really long showers
– According to Takuya, Shin is the best in the group at Japanese and Sangmin is 2nd best
– Sangmin likes winter time
– In their free time they go bowling or play soccer tennis at the Han River
– Shin mumbles in his sleep and it sounds like he is eating, because he make namnam sound
– For Takuya the hardest choreography to learn was Shooting star because they had to learn it in 2 days and then make th video

Speed Quiz::
1.) Cat or Dog?
Sangmin – cat

2.) Coffee or Tea?
Shin – coffee
Seyoung – tea

3.) Love or Money?
Takuya – love
Yongseok – money

Q & A::
Q: If you were not idols what would you being doing?
A: Shin- train animals
Takuya – baseball player
Sangmin- a street dancer
Seyoung – veterinarian
Yongseok – an army man, because his dad is in the navy

Q: If you had a week vacation what would you do, or where would you go?
A: Just the thought of a week vacation makes them happy.
Takuya – Europe
Shin – Okinawa, Japan
Sangmin – Canada, to go skiing

Q: Favorite food?
A: Seyoung – fruits and veggies
Shin – sushi (from Japan), hot dogs (from USA)
Yongseok – Korean pork chops

Q: Ideal type?
A: Seyoung – a girl with an image similar to Park Shin Hye
Takuya- a girl with charming eyes

Q: Future plans?
A: A solo concert in Tokyo, Japan starting 2014-Jun-28

Live Performance::
Amazing Bad-lady

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