Ha Hyun Kon Factory & Paul Suh

Ha Hyun Gon Factory & Paul Suh were in the SuperKpop studio with DJ 1kyne. Ha Hyun Gon Factory (하현곤팩토리) is a one man band that debut in 2008 under MS Entertainment. Paul Suh (서바울) debuted 2011 in as a member of Blue Marble.

About the music::
While listening to “Fall in love” Hyun Gon hopes that the people listening to it fall in love. It is about a guy falling in love with a girl. Hyun Gon teamed up with Paul Suh for this song. “작심삼일 (3-day resolution)” is about how making life style changes that last forever rather than just for 3 days. “내 시금 보다 비싼 캬라멜 마끼아또” is about needing to raise the hourly wage because the Carmel mociato is so expensive. The song is saying that type of coffee cost more then the hourly wage. Hyun Gon wrote “널 잊을 수가 없어 (can’t forget you)” while in the army. One day while he was on break he went into town, and saw his girlfriend with another guy. It is a soft ballad song full of emotion.

– Hyun Gon was a member of Click-B as the drummer
– Hyun Gon has a full time job as a music teacher for little kids
– Hyun Gon finds inspiration while drinking or walk along the Han River
– Paul Suh’s twitter idea @estteee stands for storyteller (ST), which was his original stage name
– They both like Americano coffee
– If Ha Hyun Gon could travel through time he wouldn’t go anywhere because he likes the present.
– Paul Suh and 1kyne did an impromptu rap collaboration during the interview
– Hyun Gon & Paul made a logo song for SuperKpop

Q & A::
Q: Why the name Ha Hyun Gon factory?
A: The “factory” was an idea to have a bunch of different artist featuring on his songs, and releasing new music every month like a factory. Ha Hyun Gon is his real name.

Q: How did you get to know each other?
A: They met through mutual friends during a social drinking situation

Q: What is your dream as Ha Hyun Gon Factory?
A: To release a new song every month & make songs people can relate to.

Live Performance::
Falling in love & 작심삼일 (3-day resolution)

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