Kim Bo Kyung (김보경)

Kim Bo Kyung was in the SoundK studio for a Star Date with DJ Stephanie. Kim Bo Kyung (김보경) debuted in 2010, and is under Chemical Sounds.

About the music::
She recently released a single Blum entitled Start Up. It features two songs: 너와 나를 기억해 (Remember you and me) a ballad song, and 대한민국이다 which is a cheer for Korea during the Brazil World-Cup. She tried to sing with a naive and innocent voice, while thinking about her youth. She dedicated the song to the soccer player Kim Bo Kyung, where she says she thankful for having him (as a soccer player).

– Her favorite Kelly Clarkson song is “Because of you,” because it was the first Kelly song she knew
– When she does OST she watches the dramas to see when her sing will appear
– If she were to act in a drama it would be a funny action drama, and she would be the female lead, and wouldn’t need a male lead.
– She is likes listening to Bruno Mars ” when I was your man”
– She wants to travel and write a book about her journey
– If asked to join a girl group it would be f(x)
– One of her Korean role models is YB

Q & A::
Q: Ideal type?
A: She likes a guy with a cold expression, but when he smiles he has a big smile. He seems like a gangster with a cold expression, but when smiles he becomes like a baby.

Q: If you could change yourself musically what would it be?
A: She is satisfied with herself musically but will look for more challenges.

Q: Your goal for the year?
A: The work harder, and a solo concert in the near future.

Live Performance::
너와 나를 기억해
(Remember you and me)

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  1. Kim Bo Kyung Noona, fighting!!! Keep up the good spirit and the sky will be your starting point. I love you Big sis. A fan of yours from Nigeria

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