Mamamoo (마마무)

Mamamoo was in the SoundK Studio with DJ Stephanie for a Star Date. Mamamoo (마마무) debuted in 2014 under WA Entertainment.

The members::
Solar (솔라) – Leader, vocal
Moon Byul (문별) – Vocal
Whee In (휘인) – Vocal
Hwa Sa (화사) – Maknae, vocal

– During free time when they have breaks together they play board games and read scary stories.
– Hwa Sa’s real name is Hee Jin
– Solar is the storyteller of the group, and likes to read a lot
– Solar is the member who gets scared the easiest by the scary stories
– Baek Ji Yun pulled a hidden camera prank on them during the Mr. Ambiguous video shoot
– Hwa Sa is the aegyo member and is in charge of the group’s sexiness
– Out of all the celebrities who cameo-ed their video Wheesung was the friendliest to them on the video set
– Moon Byul is the vitamin of the group
– Mr. Ambiguous was the first song their CEO gave them, even before all their group members were confirmed, because of this it is Moon Byul’s favorite Mamamoo song so far.
– Three things Solar must have in her bag: cosmetics, pc/tablet, toiletries

Q & A::
Q: Why the name Mamamoo?
A: Mamamoo is like babies first nonsense talking. They want to becomes friends with everyone with this basic instinct like a baby.

Q: What country would like to visit?
A: Solar – Egypt
Hwa Sa – France
Whee In – New Zealand
Moon Byul – Switzerland

Q: Do you play any instruments? If so which ones?
A: Solar – Piano, guitar
Hwa Sa – Guitar
Whee In – Guitar
Moon Byul – Piano

Q: Future plans?
A: They want to become an icon, and leader in the kpop industry.

Live Performance::
Mr.애매모호 (Mr. Ambiguous

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